Param Singh

Founder & Managing Director

Compassionate leader with an urge to see shared prosperity in the developing world. When he sold his first business to an ASX listed company in Australia (2015), he invested half of the sales proceeds and his family wealth in UDAY, a social enterprise he founded to empower disadvantaged youth, rural women and farmers in India - country he loves for its mystical secrets.

Dr Sukhcharan

Consultant & Trainer

Dr Sukhcharan is a graduate in Veterinary sceinces & Animal Husbandry ,(B.V.Sc.&,A.H.) from Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana. He joined Animal Husbandry Department, Punjab Government  in 1983 & retired as Deputy Diector after 34 years of Service ( as Deputy Director, Assistant Director,Senior Veterinary Officer, Veterinary Officer, Assistant Livestock Officer, Veterinary Assistant Surgeon) with special inclination in Veterinary Extension Service for uplifting of livestock owners.

Beant Singh Brar

Project Coordinator

Beant is a post graduate in Agriculture (Agronomy). His prior experience includes working as a Assistant Professor and Field Supervisor in cotton belt. Beant belongs to family of farmers and has a desire to transform the lives of farmers. He has a strong will to bring a positive change by improving farmers’ livelihood.

Sinead Quealy

 Co-Founder and Managing Director of VirtualVet

Sinead has over eight years of experience in managing software development projects, often with partners across the EU. From a farming background, she lives on a busy beef & dairy farm in Waterford, Ireland. Both roles have given her valuable insights in to how technology can be best deployed to meet the needs of all stakeholders in the agricultural industry, from farmers, through to vets, consumers, government agencies and industry suppliers. Sinead has a keen interest in strategy development, a PG-dip in Adult Education from University of Limerick and MBA from Waterford Institute of Technology.

Aashna has been involved in this project from the beginning and has worked on every aspect personally. She is passionate about making a difference and creating an impact that generates value for our beneficiaries. Aashna brings in the global outlook gained through studying and living in a multi-cultural environment. She completed her post graduation with ‘Distinction’ from London School of Economics with a double degree from University of Sydney Business School in Masters in Management.

UDAY is a skills driven organisation with a global outlook towards skill development and vocational training. UDAY cares about this world and works relentlessly to create a lasting impact through its three business verticals: Youth, Women and Farmers.

Our goal is to see self-sustained youth, independent women and progressive farmers. Our extensive skill development programs facilitate job-readiness among the beneficiaries as well as encourage entrepreneurship.

UDAY has trained 9000+ students across 44 job roles and 10 industry sectors.


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